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David Price

August 2013

Continuing their theme of sporting association, The All Inclusive Club during 2012 pursued several opportunities to become involved with sport across the UK from grass roots to a professional level.
The company signed a sponsorship deal with David Price the Liverpudlian boxer early in the year. Their presence has been visible at all of his fights throughout 2012 and more recently in 2013 when they also took their Ambassador and fellow scouser Crissy Rock to see him in action. Whilst boxing might not feel like a natural fit as a choice of sports to sponsor it was David’s gentlemanly demeanour and conduct in person and during television interviews that attracted The All Inclusive Club to him in the first place. In a sport associated with testosterone and bravado David’s approach comes as a refreshing change and he is definitely a role model that The All Inclusive Club are happy to support.