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Here at the Club we live and breathe all inclusive – we also realise however that some of our new members haven’t been as lucky and are new to the exciting world of the all inclusive resort. With this in mind we have explained a little below about the history and how that has led us to what you can expect in today’s modern all inclusive resort.

The first ideas of an all inclusive concept were introduced in 1930’s Britain at the Butlins and Pontins holiday camps, some things like drinks however were still paid for with cash. The idea was then expanded upon by Gerard Blitz and his new Club Med tour operator in the 50’s, for the first time a fledgling inclusive idea was found at beach resorts around the world.

Their aim at the time was to “eliminate extra charges that can sour the sweetest of vacations” a quotation still at the heart of the what we are striving for today. The idea still hadn’t quite fully matured though; this was an inclusive model in as much as some but not all products were included in the price – it still couldn’t be deemed ALL inclusive.

Fast forward to the late 70’s and it was still only Club Med and some cruise liners that were flirting with this idea of an early inclusive style of holiday. It was then that the Caribbean took the reigns of development, specifically Jamaica where an entrepreneur John Issa began to open the first all inclusive resorts. At the time these (like the Club Med holidays from the 50s) were for singles only but resorts for couples and families eventually followed and in the late 80’s we first begin to see the idea of the modern luxurious all inclusive resort as we know it today.

Tour operators and developers were at first sceptical of this new method of taking holidays but the success of the Caribbean developers was soon too much to ignore and before long there was an influx of money towards the development of luxurious resorts worldwide that were built purposefully for the new all inclusive model.

This leads us to the present day where perhaps the idea from the 50’s of “eliminating extra charges...” rings with more resonance than ever in our troubled economic times. The contemporary resorts and all inclusive packages we have access to today give you access to anything from treatments to transfers, sailing to sightseeing – a far cry from a free bag of crisps at Butlins! Here at the All Inclusive Club we look back on those that have helped the idea flourish with respect and admiration whilst looking forward to the future with innovation in our mind and our members’ best interests in our hearts.